THE Pie Shop

Who doesn’t love pie? Literally no one of course. Well maybe crazy people with a fear of pastry. Sad.

Pie and mashI’m talking real pies, real actual pies with a bottom, not some stew with a pastry lid. That’s not a pie. The pies at The Pie Shop are definitely real pies. Serious pies.

Obviously I am a serious and dedicated vegan so I was obliged to visit The Pie Shop, which is in Stirchley, not far from the Wildcat Tap, which is another awesome place in the area. Seriously Stirchely is super trendy now isn’t it?

Anyway, The Pie Shop does pretty much what you would expect from a vegan pie shop. It sells pies. That are all totally vegan. Yep. You would think that would be hard to mess up. And apparently it is. Because this place is perfect.

Veg pie and mash with gravy

For £5.50 we got a pie, veg, mash and gravy, and a drink (Barr Cream Soda because of course – it was drink choice of the day with everyone). Bargain. Even if the pies had been meh it would have been a great deal, but the pies were freaking brilliant.

I went for the chilli bean pie, and the man one had the veg pie. Both were really tasty, with excellent pastry, crisp on top and soft and flaky. And mash, well, mash is always good, this stuff was lump free and well seasoned. We also had to have some dessert, and one slice of chocolate cake and a strawberry daiquiri cupcake later we were stuffed. Excellent work, vegans.

Strawberry daiquiri cupcake and chocolate cake

Vegan rating: 5 avocados, of course. Like I said, this place is the perfect. Great value for money, great pies. The service was also spot on, although I think they’re going to need to take on more staff soon to keep up with demand and also be open longer! At the moment they’re open Tuesdays – to Saturdays 11am – 3pm.

The Pie Shop 1422 Pershore Road, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2PH Tel: 0121 679 6238

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