Natural Healthy Foods - cheese baby

Vegan cheese event at The Gunmaker’s Arms

The pinnacle of vegan achievement – no not Cowspiracy or Pamela Anderson’s career as an animal rights activist – is vegan cheese. It’s the holy grail, basically.

Natural Healthy Foods - cheese baby

Do you like cheese? If you’re vegan, think of this as a philosophical amnesty – we’re among friends, we can say it. I personally used to love cheese, literally to an unhealthy degree. One of the motivating factors in my move to veganism was that as a vegetarian I pretty much added cheese to everything I ate. Salads, pasta, soup, cereal, I wasn’t proud. I mean I’m still not I just don’t eat cheese anymore. If it was possible, or to be honest even if it wasn’t, there’d be cheese was going in it or on it. Or sometimes just adjacent to it if it that was the only choice.

My introduction to vegan cheese was at a social where everyone bought along some food to share. One guy turned up, whacked his Tupperware on the table and asked if anyone fancied trying some of his nut cheese. Fortunately, there are loads of vegan cheeses available precisely so we don’t have to deal with this sort of thing.

Natural Healthy Foods - more cheese omg

There are a few vegan cheeses available on the market and I’ve teamed up with The Gunmaker’s Arms and Natural Healthy Foods to explore some of the possibilities. As part of the Vegan Cheese night at the Gunmaker’s Arms on Thursday 27 July – that;s this Thursday – there will be a number of vegan cheeses available for people to try with their booze. And for anyone interested I will be giving a short talk on the cheeses and hopefully pairing them with some of the beers, with help from local beer expert and blogger,

If you’re interested in coming along, the event is on from 5:30pm, with the talk at about 6:30pm. The event is all free and there’s no need to book – just turn up. More details on the Facebook event page.

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