All Greek Delicatessen – olive it up

While the bigger supermarkets are getting better in terms of the range of vegan food they stock, it can be harder figuring out which local indie stores are worth checking out. This month, I’m looking at the best independent shops in the city for some of the more exciting vegan goodies. First up, a Greek deli, of course.

Greek food might not be the first thing you think of when you’re after vegan food, but the All Greek Delicatessen on Stephenson Street in the city centre has some super tasty options. I might be a bit biased, because I have an unholy love of olives and this place has such a fantastic range available I had to have a little lie down when I saw them.

Plus, during Lent, the Greek Orthodox Church dictates a fast – basically, abstaining from animal products, including meat, seafood and dairy – so pretty much going vegan for 40 days. Because of this, these guys know what they are talking about when it comes to animal free food, so if you’re not sure, ask and they’ll be able to help you find whatever you fancy. They can also give you great recipes ideas; I bought some Orzo when I was in there and they gave me a great recipe that involved tomatoes and sounded amazing, but obviously I forgot it completely as soon as something shiny caught my eye (I think it was some Kalamata olives).

Apart from olives, the deli has an amazing range of pasta and grains, including speciality rice, lentils, chickpeas and beans. If you’ve got a sweet tooth check out the Greek Delight (yes, it’s similar to Turkish Delight but I already pointed that out to them so you don’t need to), which is perfect with strong coffee or just straight out of the paper bag as soon as you’ve stepped out of the shop. Just watch out for trams, yeah?

Vegan rating: 3 avocadoes. Not everything is vegan, so don’t go here if you can’t cope with seeing cheese and other animal products, then probably best you just stay in anyway.

All Greek Delicatessen
33 Stephenson Street, Birmingham B2 4BH

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