Truffle Pig-out

I may have mentioned somewhere on this blog that I like cake and anything sweet. I never thought I had that much of a sweet tooth before I was vegan; but then I never had to search sugary stuff out, it’s kind of everywhere.

For the first six months of being vegan I was probably quite healthy because there didn’t seem to be much cake or sweet stuff available for vegans. I used to get excited about getting a Nak’d bar (which are great but they’re still fruit, which is not cake in case you hadn’t noticed).

It’s a lot easier to get hold of sweets and cakes suitable for vegans, and recently I got my sweaty hands on some Truffle Pig vegan truffles. I followed @TrufflePigVegan on Twitter almost as soon as they popped up because…do I need to explain? Truffles? Vegan? Come with me on this. Since then I have been drooling over images of their truffles and got super excited about their cream eggs (check out my Easter treats round up here).

Truffle Pig 3

Doing the research (ie, looking at photos of chocolate) for that blog meant it was pretty much inevitable I was going to have to order some of the truffles. I mean, I’d banged on about the cream eggs, I have to try them myself FOR RESEARCH. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turned out, I was too late for the Truffle Pig golden Easter eggs or cream eggs, so instead I was forced to order two boxes of truffles. One as a present (they are still in my fridge as I speak and it has been hard not eating them – that is love) and the other as a vital research tool.

Because Truffle Pig are gorgeous and wonderful human beings, they sent me a free cherry and pistachio bar for missing out on the Easter egg and cream eggs. Which was totally my fault for being late – I can’t even order chocolate in a timely manner, I think my lateness might actually be pathological. Obviously I didn’t send the bar back because I’m not a crazy person. I’m clearly a bit crazy because I shared the truffles and the bar, again another demonstration of true love.

Truffle Pig Cherry & Pistachio bar

I ordered the mixed box of truffles because there was no way I could choose just one type. I went for 12 truffles, and chose amaretto and almond, banoffee and hazelnut, lime and coconut, rum and salted peanut, peanut butter and caramel and pistachio and cherry. There are another 6 flavours I haven’t tried, so in the interest of thorough research, I may have to check these out at some point. Or if anyone reading this needs to get me a present, then I’ve basically done all the work for you.

The truffles were presented beautifully and looked delicious. They also tasted delicious. Rich, melt in the mouth, truffley goodness. I tried to pick a favourite but it was impossible. At a push I would say the amaretto and almond or rum and salted peanut, but only because they have alcohol in them and that is always a winner.

I ordered the truffles online on the Thursday before Easter bank holiday and was expecting them to come afterwards, but they came on the Saturday, just after we’d stuffed ourselves at the vegan fest in Birmingham. We still managed to do the vital research and eat the whole box that evening though, because dedication is important.

I’ve tried the Booja-Booja truffles previously, which are also lovely, but these win hands down. Partly because I knew they’d be made by hand by a human person, but mostly because the combinations are exciting, they look really pretty and they’re just so bloody moreish. Vegan chocolate is still comparatively expensive, and of course small independent producers aren’t going to be selling their wares for the same price as Thorntons. As a treat or a present though, the price (£12.45 for a mixed box of 12, it’s slightly cheaper if you’re more decisive and choose just one flavour) is pretty reasonable.

If I hadn’t known, I wouldn’t have guessed these were vegan, so anyone who likes truffles will love these. The longer I’m vegan the more ridiculous it seems that there are animal products in almost everything, because when you find ‘alternatives’ as good as this it’s clear how completely unnecessary it is. I’ll definitely be buying these as presents again, and definitely be using every birthday from now on as an excuse to do more ‘research’.

Vegan rating: 5 avocadoes out of 5, for presentation and deliciousness.

Buy them here:

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