Easter your hearts out vegans!

Easter is usually a sad time of year for vegans. Everyone else is mashing crème eggs into their faces and going on egg hunts, while people living on a plant based diet sit in darkened rooms crying about all the unborn chocolate chicks who will never get to live out their natural lives.

And if any of the Easter eggs do hatch, the male chicks are sent to a crushing machine where they’re ground up and turned into the Wispa bars. It’s just too sad. Usually. Not this year though! This year there are vegan Easter eggs and even vegan cream eggs (crafty word play there, copyright un-infringed thank you very much) so if you’re planning on feeling all superior and healthy this year, too bad! It is time to get your Easter egg on.


Photo: Booja-Booja

The first bite is with the eyes, as they say. Which sounds gross to be honest but anyway this is really pretty, I mean seriously. They’re actually the usual Booja-Booja truffles packed in an egg, hand painted in Kashmir in India. Choose from Almond & Sea Salt caramel, Fine De Champagne, Hazelnut Crunch or Around Midnight Espresso (that seems like the worst time for Espresso tbh but maybe they’re more exciting than I am).

As usual with Booja-Booja the ingredients are all organic, gluten, dairy and soya free, so you can kind of feel virtuous while eating them. They’re also expensive, so if you’re trying to woo the vegan of your dreams, don’t be a cheapskate, buy the large version (Fine De Champagne of course) which is 12 truffles for £24.99. Bargain!

Check the website for stockists: boojabooja.com

Truffle Pig

truffle pig
Photo: Truffle Pig

Truffle Pig is an ethical vegan chocolate business, run by Lily Gaskell who is, among other things, a roller derby athlete. So that sounds cool. Roller derby tactics are probably an asset when it comes to making truffles, as I imagine it may be helpful to be able to drop a swift elbow on anyone offering their ‘quality control services’.

Check out the Cream Egg, if you can get your hands on one before they’re gone!

You can buy them direct from the website: trufflepigvegan.com

Moo Free

Photo: Moo Free

Moo Free are on the less expensive end of the scale – their Easter eggs start from about £5, so a bit closer to the usual cost for an easter treat. Moo Free also have the registered Vegan mark, so they’re totally free from dairy and all animal products.

Not as beautiful as the Booja-Booja ‘eggs’, this is a bit more like the usual, kid friendly Easter eggs.

Check the website for stockists: moofreechocolates.com


Divine egg
Photo: Divine

Divine are fairtrade, ethical chocolate company, 44% owned by cocoa farmers. All that ethical cred and they do the 70% dark chocolate and raspberry egg, suitable for Vegans.

They also have a Luxury Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with tasting set on their website, which the blurb declares as vegan, without pointing out that the six mini chocolate bars it comes with aren’t…so maybe check before you buy because I think they are confused. At least they’re kind of trying, right?

Check the website for stockists: divinechocolate.com

Green and Blacks

green and blacks egg
Photo: Green & Blacks

Green and Blacks are named after the brands ‘green’ beliefs and the ‘black’ after the high intensity chocolate. High intensity chocolate sounds like my kind of thing. They also do two accidentally vegan Easter eggs – the dark chocolate and the mint chocolate eggs.

These are very definitely accidentally vegan, and the nutritional info says they aren’t suitable for people with milk allergies, so if you’re lactose intolerant or very strictly vegan, then you’ll probably want to avoid these.

Check the website for stockists: greenandblacks.co.uk

It’s also worth checking out the Viva! Vegan Festival in Birmingham this weekend, where there are sure to be some Easter treats available! (Update: check out my review of the festival here.)

Go to viva.org.uk for more info, or just turn up from 10am this Saturday (15 April). Entry is £3 and gets you into both venues, plus the beer festival, which starts at 12pm at The Gunmakers Arms and is free entry.

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